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Seattle and New York by dawn, day, dusk and night.
Brooklyn Sunset Brooklyn - Bedford Ave from the rail
Seattle in Read seattle night


Piecora's Pizza in the Capital Hill Neighborhood is no more but it lives on in these four pieces. [oils on canvas]


Oils on canvas seemingly sculpted into the third dimension.


Landscapes that shiver, become not landscapes, perhaps mirrored landscapes, and you inside.
high desert winter abstract night abstract
purple landscape thumb belief thumb faith thumb


nature and nurture.


Five paintings illustrating the novel Roads and Parking Lots (2009) by Michael McDaeth. And the cover for his soon to be published novel Cedar (2017)
Leaning against Fishhouse
Jennifer painted the mixedmedia illustrations below (acrylic paint on 12" by 15" panels were scanned and combined with Flash Vector detail and highlights) for the short animation titled AppleLore. The panels below are three examples of her work that highlights this minimally animated story of a little boy, his mom and an out-of-reach apple.
Panel No. 1 AppleLore
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